Equal participation in decision-making is more important than ever for the future of the Union’s social and economic life. The 2014 elections to the European Parliament can make it or break it. Ideas from the 50-50 Equality Campaign

Director General of the Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board

Norwegian women believe that there is still a lot to do, even though - with a strong political will and focused actions - they have achieved concrete results towards a greater presence of women at the top of research

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Women tend to use creative and non-violent political practices that look at scenarios for peace yet to be invented, questioning the boundaries and narratives of the occupation

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Women have been the protagonists of many pacifist initiatives carried out jointly between Israel and Palestine. In the last years many of these initiatives have failed. A reflexion about successes and failures

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Red light district in Amsterdam

Pointing the finger at those who buy sex doesn’t improve sex workers condition. Although it doesn’t exist just one juridic model to regulate prostitution, several studies underline the benefits of sex market’s regulation, instead of criminalizing clients. Here an analysis of the arguments in favour of legalization.


Spanish women face many risks as they are trapped in between a misleading media coverage and the lack of gender impact assessment of policies. The article proposes an analysis of the gendered impacts of the great recession on the Spanish labour market


Sex workers or victims? The debate on prostitution poses, in a new form, pivotal questions: sex - but also pregnancy and care work - can be considered works, and thus treated like any other object of exchange? And the old categories of contract and status are enough to regulate the novelties in terms of families, habits, society and so on? How can we draw a line between working and being?


With the new law approved on December, Paris is leading the front of "abolitionist" countries. But what does that word mean? And how the repressive policies have changed? The new French law, at the center of the debate, focuses on the criminalization of the client. Steps and setting of the new law


Women, on average, have less trust in governments and less interest in politics than men. They do not join parties to the same extent as men, but they do participate in civic and associational life, and seem to prefer different channels in expressing their participation. How to improve their political engagement?

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Female genital mutilation is still perceived in many countries as a symbolic step in the construction of gender identity. The practice exists also in immigration countries. But alternative rites are being fostered. Interview with Nafissatou Diop, coordinator of the Unicef and Unfpa programme "accelerating change"

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