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How TikTok users address sexual abuse at times of Covid-19

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New technologies have proven to be fertile ground for gender-based violence. In this article, three American researchers detail how gender-based cyberviolence contaminates our politics

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"We may still be mourning our dead, but time seems to have come to discuss how we guarantee economic survival that, under capitalism, is based on production and work." Social reproduction and the regeneration of capitalist life during the Covid19 pandemic

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Gender studies need new, courageously formulated questions and a new language to address current issues. The case of Hungary

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Childcare in the time of Covid-19: the ambivalence of finally getting rid of your kids again

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The recent “Cura Italia” (Care for Italy) decree, issued by the Italian Government, does not “take care” of domestic workers, home-based caregivers for the elderly and child minders. But precisely this sector should be our starting point, if we want to reflect on a new form of democracy, states the appeal launched by a group of researchers

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When the home is transformed into the workplace of the mobile professional and the self-employed creative freelancer as well as the sphere of consumption work, it becomes an arena in which physical, administrative, caring, and affective labour compete. Expecially for women

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Teaching heterodox economics in a feminist perspective requires to reduce the androcentric bias in economic ideas and also rethinking the pedagogical methods

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In Sweden, feminists are fighting a lot of cultural wars, but the issues of welfare and labor rights are a blind spot, even though they play such a big role for women’s actual living condition. To fight for redistribution is a feminist fight. A speech of Mirjam Katzin on the Swedish welfare state

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The absence of a national strategy to provide widespread access to information and high-quality services in Italy results in the extremely low ranking of the country on all of the indicators monitored by the European Barometer of Women’s Access to Modern Contraceptive Choice

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