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When the home is transformed into the workplace of the mobile professional and the self-employed creative freelancer as well as the sphere of consumption work, it becomes an arena in which physical, administrative, caring, and affective labour compete. Expecially for women

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Teaching heterodox economics in a feminist perspective requires to reduce the androcentric bias in economic ideas and also rethinking the pedagogical methods

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In Sweden, feminists are fighting a lot of cultural wars, but the issues of welfare and labor rights are a blind spot, even though they play such a big role for women’s actual living condition. To fight for redistribution is a feminist fight. A speech of Mirjam Katzin on the Swedish welfare state

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The absence of a national strategy to provide widespread access to information and high-quality services in Italy results in the extremely low ranking of the country on all of the indicators monitored by the European Barometer of Women’s Access to Modern Contraceptive Choice

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In women we trust: time is ripe to increase gender diversity in central banks

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Zehra F.Kabasakal Arat, Professor of Political Science, explains why Erdoğan's party came to power largely thanks to women’s support, and how it recruited and mobilized a considerable number of them to conduct door to door campaigns

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Late-life depression and loneliness: different preconditions of active ageing in Europe

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A 650-km-long women’s wall made up of 5 million protesters was formed in Kerala, India, against the denied access for women at the Sabarimala Temple. After a three-month struggle, two women eventually entered and offered a prayer to Ayyappa

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The Finnish Basic income experiment that started in 2017 is coming to its end. What next?

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Overlooking gender in research can lead to risks-and missed business opportunities. Professor Londa Schiebinger at a TARGET seminar

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