Julie Matthaei

Professoressa di Economia al Wellesley college, dove insegna dal 1978, si definisce femminista, marxista, anti-razzista ed economista-ecologista. Ha un dottorato in Economia alla Yale University, ed è specializzata in “feminist economics”, analisi di genere, teoria economica sulla disuguaglianza di genere.

Professor of Economics at the Wellesley college since 1978, she defines herself as a feminist, marxist, anti-racist, ecological economist. Phd in Economics at Yale University, her focus is on "feminist economics", gender-based analysis ­ and economic theory on gender inequality.

Articles published

Economic Crisis, Feminist Economics and the Solidarity Economy

Articleequal opportunities

In recent years people, activists, mouvements and even institutions are beginning to connect to one another, and to come together to demand political changes. And changing from the slogan Tina (There is No Alternative), to Tata (There are Thousands of Alternatives).

Articleenvironment - inequality