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Reconciliation of work and family life as a condition of equal participation in the labour market

Publication date: 06/2011
La riconciliazione tra lavoro e vita familiare come condizione per partecipare in modo paritario al mercato del lavoro
Authors: Jolanta Reingarde, Ioana Borza, Ilze Burkevica, Merle Paats e George Kyriacou. Con la collaborazione di Alberto Merolla
Committente: Istituto europeo per l’uguaglianza di genere (EIGE)
Geographic Area: Membri UE27

Reconciling work time with life time promotes gender equality and the sharing of family responsibilities between women and men. It also increases the participation of women in the labor market, thus contributing to the achievement of one of the main objectives set by the Europe 2020 strategy, namely the raising to 75% the employment rate for women and men, including in the age group 20-64 years. To succeed it must, on the one hand, remove obstacles to women's participation and, second, to involve men in care tasks.
However, when you change to analyze in detail the progress of the difficulties emerge. Despite some recent progress can be observed in the EU27, gender gaps remain significant in the labor market and in the distribution of family responsibilities.
Women continue to care for children and the elderly are more likely to be placed in areas characterized by low wages. It becomes therefore crucial to strengthen the monitoring system, although the limited availability of harmonized data broken down by gender and hampers the assessment of the progress made. These limitations have thus ended up altering the comparability of the different initiatives taken in the EU countries, making it difficult to detect changes over time. Even considering the cost associated with the collection of new data, it is crucial to overcome the existing barriers to strengthen cooperation between the main actors involved in the data collection.

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