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Appena pubblicato il rapporto “Starting Fragile – Gender Differences in the Youth Labour Market” sul sito della Direzione Generale Giustizia della Commissione europea. Il rapporto dimostra che gli sviluppi iniziali di carriera differiscono fra i uomini e donne e che la componente femminile si...


Short description of The Social Investment Package

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Main findings from a report of the European Network of Experts on Gender Equality (European Commission, may 2013)


In the canadian province of Québec the introduction of a non transferable right to paternity leave has translated into a steady increase in participation of fathers and in a boost of the fertility rate

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Neoliberalism, Confucianism and the gender dimension in China’s post-command economy period


A closer look at the nature of migrant workers' role in the economy suggests complex outcomes for women

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