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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the mightiest of them all? The legacy of Golden Dawn Women’s belief in the Amazonian ideal. A myth that has a long and complex history in Greek culture, dating back to ancient times

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Transnational brokerage of domestic work and social inequalities, the case of Sri Lanka, from where, in the last forty years large numbers of women have been migrating as domestic workers to the oil-rich Arabian Gulf

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In the last three months, protests broke out in Iranian cities and across the country. The nationwide uprising that is now ongoing has been called a women-led revolution

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The Covid-19 crisis has unearthed a long pre-existing and much deeper care crisis. The EU Care Atlas illustrates the urgent need to look beyond the mere gender pay gap to understand the full extent of gender imbalances

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Internationally renowned as the romantic setting of Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet, the formulation of ‘love’ the city of Verona has come to champion is premised on traditionalist heteronormative scripts. But maybe something is going to change

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The women's collective organization that emerges mainly in non-urban territories in Latin America have mobilized in the last two decades a set of actions, reflections and political-epistemic proposals at the interface between agroecology and feminism

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A gendered analysis of European data on platform workers reveals the pervasiveness of gender inequalities and the replication of traditional economy’s occupational segregation and discrimination in the digital labour market

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The Hungarian Recovery and Resilience Plan ignores the EU expectations concerning gender mainstreaming and the effects that the measures could have on gender equality are not mentioned.

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Developments and high penetration rates of communication and information technologies have been fuelling the expansion of digital platforms specialised in home care. Use of algorithms and business models in Spain

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Starting from the latest news, Yasmine Ergas explains how the Texas Heartbeat Act creates a scorched earth around any woman who might attempt to, or has had, an abortion.

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