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How women’s tissue and labour are bought and sold in modern biotechnology

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For a fuller comparative understanding of surrogacy, it is beneficial to contemplate U.S. surrogates’ point of view. Their views, although consequential, are often ignored by both opponents and proponents of this practice

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Female genital mutilation is still perceived in many countries as a symbolic step in the construction of gender identity. The practice exists also in immigration countries. But alternative rites are being fostered. Interview with Nafissatou Diop, coordinator of the Unicef and Unfpa programme "accelerating change"

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Why women's vote will make the difference in Us presidential election

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To what extent parts of our bodies can be treated as ownable and tradeable objects? Problems and ethical dilemmas of "commodification".


Oocyties markets, surrogacy, womb rental... Are our bodies marketable commodities?