A new portal is collecting resources about gender and science. The very first phase of the project was trying to answer two pivotal questions: is it really useful? And for whom? This is how they did it

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Decentralized bargaining can open the ground to conciliation as well as to the testing of innovative forms of work organization. Three good examples to show it's possible

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In order to contrast the fertility crisis, the Portuguese government released a plan. That is never going to work out. Let's take a closer look and see why

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No longer locked in his ivory tower, scientific research has brand new features. It must be new also the criteria by which it evaluates the excellence. In order to enhance curiosity, dedication, flexibility, diplomacy, opening in comparison. That is, the skills and competencies typically female

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What has Europe done to ensure an equal representation of men and women in Europe? The study “Electoral Lists ahead of the Elections to the European Parliament from a Gender Perspective”, published on the eve of the election to the European Parliamentary term 2014-2019, maps the representation of women and men on party lists at national level, provides key background information and analyses the effect of gender quotas on candidate lists.

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Changing the narratives and practices of living the crisis is fundamental to challenge this historical moment and turn it all around from disgracefull to fruitfull. Stepping out capitalocentrism means valuing everyday relationship-based-strategies of informal economics put in place to survive the global crisis, which could lead to social change.

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Women, on average, have less trust in governments and less interest in politics than men. They do not join parties to the same extent as men, but they do participate in civic and associational life, and seem to prefer different channels in expressing their participation. How to improve their political engagement?

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Although the Prime Minister of Slovenia is a woman, the way to preeminent political roles is not yet paved to women. Gender stereotypes still affect the image and the possibilities of women in several domains, but, albeit slow, there are clear improvements.

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Equal participation in decision-making is more important than ever for the future of the Union’s social and economic life. The 2014 elections to the European Parliament can make it or break it. Ideas from the 50-50 Equality Campaign


Men and women are different, but we are not nearly as different as those literatures would have us believe. The crucial gender angle has to do, instead, with the sorts of behaviors we have come to believe are acceptable - or even inevitable - in the realms of business and finance.