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In the European Union the gender pay gap stood at 16.1% in 2014. It was announced by Eurostat , the statistical office of the European Union, who published a selection of data on men and women with regard to their situation on the labour market, on the occasion of International Women’s Day....

For a fuller comparative understanding of surrogacy, it is beneficial to contemplate U.S. surrogates’ point of view. Their views, although consequential, are often ignored by both opponents and proponents of this practice

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1st November 2015 “re-run” elections in Turkey and the role of gender in the process

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Gender cannot be isolated. Gender interconnects, intermingles, intersects, with other social divisions, such as ethnicity and class. Hence the term, intersectionality

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A transnational research project, funded by the EU and based on interviews in five countries, reveals who are the buyers of paid sex 

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Feminizmuzerine is the blog of a group of students from the Department of Western Languages and Literatures, Boğaziçi University. The aim of the blog is to translate international articles about feminism to Turkish in order to share, spread, open debate, bring ideas but they also translate Turkish...


Passing the German reform of parental leave took almost ten years of work, but when it finally was lauched it had a significant positive effect on mother's employment rate. Yet legacies of a traditional family model in many of the public policies persist

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Alexandria 1963- Athens 2015: considerations on the crisis

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Recent Turkish elections saw radical changes in parliament composition opening a new political season. Feminists and LGBT activists played a fundamental role in this renewal

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How can we make gender equality a concrete reality? How can we promote and achieve equality between women and men in responsibilities, social and or decision-making opportunities, access to and control over resources?

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