Zehra F. Kabasakal Arat

Professor of Political Science at the University of Connecticut and Founding President of the Human Rights Section of the American Political Science Association



Starting from July, the withdrawal of Turkey from the Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women entered into force. Feminists sound a warning: this event may be a spark, encouraging further withdrawals and reinforcing the hands of misogynist and homophobic groups in Europe

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Confinement to home imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic increased violence against women in all countries. In Turkey, where femicides had reached alarming levels long before the pandemic, not a day goes by without a woman is killed


Zehra F.Kabasakal Arat, Professor of Political Science, explains why Erdoğan's party came to power largely thanks to women’s support, and how it recruited and mobilized a considerable number of them to conduct door to door campaigns

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Michelle Obama endorses Hillary Clinton in a speech at the democratic national convention

For the first Women in Science Day GenPORT will release a series of video interviews with leading...