Yasmine Ergas

Yasmine Ergas is a sociologist and lawyer. After a period of study in Italy, she has been working and living in the United States. She teaches at the School of International and Public Affairs of Columbia University, where she is Director of the Specialization on Gender and Public Policy and Associate Director of the Institute for the Study of Human Rights. She has written a lot about femminism and social policies. Her recent work has focused on the emergence of an international market in reproductive services, the transformations of ‘motherhood’ and the impacts of human rights programs and policies. She is currently engaged in a study on The Transnationalization of Everyday Life.


Articles published

Sex workers or victims? The debate on prostitution poses, in a new form, pivotal questions: sex - but also pregnancy and care work - can be considered works, and thus treated like any other object of exchange? And the old categories of contract and status are enough to regulate the novelties in terms of families, habits, society and so on? How can we draw a line between working and being?


With the ban on adoptions by Americans, Putin and the Russian Parliament placed the child trade where it deserves to be: on the desks of foreign policy makers


Oocyties markets, surrogacy, womb rental... Are our bodies marketable commodities?