Flexible work and gender equality

Publication date
Prof. Heejung Chung
European Commission Directorate-General for Justice and Consumers


Flexible working arrangements and gender equality in Europe is the latest publication within the project Scientific Analysis and Advice on Gender Equality in the EU (SAAGE), focusing on gender care, unpaid work gap and work-life balance, and gender gaps in the labour market.

The project is led by Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini and funded by the European Commission, with the aim to contribute to the improvement of gender equality policies in the EU.

SAAGE publications are meant to support EU-level policy initiatives by providing expertise and knowledge on both relevant wide-ranging political issues and technical issues, and to raise awareness and promote action on gender equality in EU member states. 

By sharing updates on changes that have occurred during and after the pandemic, the 2024 report aims to summarise the current state of the art in the theory and evidence around flexible working with regard to gender equality.

In particular, the publication examines the patterns of gender inequality in the access to and use of flexible working arrangements, as well as outcomes of flexible working regarding equality at work – in terms of career, job opportunities, training – and at home (division of housework and childcare).

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