A new strategy for gender equality post 2015

Publication date: 09/2014
Authors: Prof Fiona Beveridge, Dr Firat Cengiz, Dr Eleanor Drywood- University of Liverpool, Prof Marcella Corsi, Università “La Sapienza”, Rome, Italy Dorota Szelewa, Warsaw University, Poland / ICRA Foundation, Warsaw, Poland
Committente: Femm Committee
Geographic Area: Member Countries

Upon request by the FEMM Committee, the Citizens' Rights and Constitutional Affairs Policy Department will hold a workshop on "A new strategy for gender equality post 2015". The Workshop provided an analysis and respective recommendations for actions to be taken by the European Commission and other European actors before 2020 in 7 different areas to improve the situation of women and to reach gender equality: Gender Mainstreaming, Gender Budgeting and monitoring; Economic independence and the position of women on the labour market; Maternity leave, paternity leave and parental leave and unpaid care work; Women in political and economic decision-making; Dignity, integrity and violence against women; and Gender aspects of foreign affairs and development cooperation. 


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