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Pros and cons of
working from home

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"Moving from freelance job to freelance job can be stressful. It also needs self-discipline because there are many distractions at home. However, there are many pluses to working from home" the freelance Sally Perkins says

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For many office-bound employees, working from home is the panacea they have been looking for. They dream of the dreary office disappearing to be replaced by the plush comforts of home. Furthermore, they dream of not commuting to work, of having no interfering or micro-managing boss over their shoulder interrupting them. There are many good sides to working from home, but the challenges can be stressful and demanding.

These downsides include uncertainty if you are a freelancer rather than a remote worker. The latter still work for a company formally, whereas the former are creating their own work the latter are in constant search of work or have inconsistent work hours. Moving from freelance job to freelance job can be stressful and requires incredible determination. It also needs self-discipline because there are many distractions at home such as the TV, social media, or snacks in the fridge. Speaking of the fridge, working from home can make it easier to eat unhealthily and not get enough exercise. Sitting down all day is not good for you health.

However, get through these and there are many pluses to working from home. As well as those mentioned in the first paragraph, you can work when you want, how you want, wear what you want, and take long lunch breaks. It also means more time to see the kids. In an employment market which is creating more freelance and gig-based jobs, it’s good to know about these pros and cons in more depth including how to maintain a laser like focus while working from home.


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