Elisabeth Victoria Lasky

Elisabeth Victoria Lasky (Rome, 1983) is a project officer for ENEGE, the European Commission’s network of experts on gender equality and language editor at FGB. In the past, she has worked in advocacy for the European Citizen Action Service, a Brussels-based think-tank on European citizenship issues.


Articles published

What has Europe done to ensure an equal representation of men and women in Europe? The study “Electoral Lists ahead of the Elections to the European Parliament from a Gender Perspective”, published on the eve of the election to the European Parliamentary term 2014-2019, maps the representation of women and men on party lists at national level, provides key background information and analyses the effect of gender quotas on candidate lists.

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Equal participation in decision-making is more important than ever for the future of the Union’s social and economic life. The 2014 elections to the European Parliament can make it or break it. Ideas from the 50-50 Equality Campaign


The EC’s “Women in ICT” report shows how having more women in ICT would pay off - for the economy, for the industry but most of all, for the women themselves

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