Marcella Corsi

Economist, Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Manchester (UK). She teaches Political Economy (undergraduate level) and Development finance (postgraduate level) at "Sapienza" University of Rome. Her research activity mainly focuses on issues related to Social Inclusion, Social protection and Income distribution. In the past, she has carried out several research projects (e.g. about financial exclusion and microfinance, women empowerment, social inclusion and migration) at international level. She has worked as a consultant for OECD, European Parliament and European Commission, and several Italian institutions. Since March 2017 she is editor of the International Review of Sociology and coordinator of Minerva – Laboratory on diversity and gender inequality.

Articles published

Teaching heterodox economics in a feminist perspective requires to reduce the androcentric bias in economic ideas and also rethinking the pedagogical methods

Articleaffirmative actions - feminism - research

Women, on average, have less trust in governments and less interest in politics than men. They do not join parties to the same extent as men, but they do participate in civic and associational life, and seem to prefer different channels in expressing their participation. How to improve their political engagement?

Articleequal opportunities