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The benchmarking of diversity practices at European Union Level

Publication date: 07/2016
Authors: European Banking Authority (EBA)

The European Banking Authority (EBA) issued a benchmarking analysis of diversity practices at EU level showing that only a limited number of institutions have already adopted a diversity policy. In particular, the report highlights that the actual level of diversity in the composition of the management body in institutions differs significantly between Member States, namely regarding the gender diversity. The Authority calls on institutions and Member States to consider additional measures for promoting a more balanced representation of both genders. The report is based on data from 873 institutions from 29 EU and EEA Member States, and covers credit institutions of different sizes as well as investment firms. The EBA report on the benchmarking of diversity practices showed that the representation of women within the management body is still very low, with 13.6% in the management function and 18.9% in the supervisory function.

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