Researchequal opportunities, Europe, politics

Gender Equality Plans in the private and public sectors in the European Union

Publication date: 07/2017
Authors: Silvia Sansonetti, Barbara De Micheli, Rachel Palmen, Angela Wroblewski
Committente: Policy Department for Citizen's Rights and Constitutional Affairs

The overall goal of this study is to map the existence of Gender Equality Plans (GEPs) in the public and private sectors in the EU Member States, according to EU-level available data and information. The study also aims to: analyse how GEPs have impacted/are impacting the economic situation of women in the EU, analyse national legislation and collective agreements in connection with GEPs, and analyse the impact of the crisis/austerity on GEPs. Two Member States – Austria and Spain – have been analysed in more depth to investigate the substance and impact of GEPs in the private and public sectors.

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