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New visions for gender equality 2019

Publication date: 01/2020
Authors: Niall Crowley, Silvia Sansonetti (edited by)
Committente: European Commission - Directorate-General for Justice and Consumers


Seventeen experts from across the EU and beyond have been invited to contribute short essays on gender equality. These essays are grouped across four broad thematic areas: making the case for equality; work-life balance, not a women’s affair; inequalities, discrimination and welfare; power relations in society. Each author has been given a specific topic and was invited to take stock of where we stand, explore the current issues, identify new emerging thinking, and point out new policy directions that could be taken in relation to the topic. The publication has the ambition to stimulate policy innovation in the search for a gender equal society. It should serve as a resource not only to policymakers in the field of gender equality, but also policymakers concerned to bring a gender perspective to bear across all policy fields. It should be relevant to policymakers at all levels, both European and Member State. 

New Visions for Gender Equality 2019 has been developed by the Scientific Analysis and Advice on Gender Equality (SAAGE) network, funded by the European Commission. SAAGE gathers international experts and professionals with expertise in gender equality across a variety of fields. It works to contribute to the improvement of European-level policy analysis and policy development on gender equality and to strengthen the knowledge base of the European Commission for this purpose, including its country-specific knowledge. It is coordinated by Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini.

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