ResearchEurope, inequality, Migration, prostitution, violence

TEMVI - Trafficked and Exploited Minors between Vulnerability and Illegality

Publication date: 12/2016
Authors: Paola Degani, Claudia Pividori
Committente: European Commission

The Project TEMVI - Trafficked and Exploited Minors between Vulnerability and Illegality. – Forced criminal activities as a new form of exploitation in human trafficking: knowledge and human rights based practices through pilot research and multi-agency training and prototype-procedures is funded under the Prevention of and Fight against Crime Programme of the European Union. Its focus is well expressed in its title and subtitle and it involves actors operating in both countries of origin (Hungary and Romania) and countries of transit and destination (France and Italy), in a partnership where organizations with different yet complementary mandates and expertise (a University, Local Authorities and their public social services, NGOs, Mini- stries of Justice and Home Affairs, national, regional and local anti-trafficking bodies, service providers and law enforcement agencies) share the commitment to tackle trafficking in forced illegal economies in order to identify, protect and assist victims and potential victims, and to fight against criminal networks, all adopting a multi-agency and human rights-oriented approach.

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