Researchequal opportunities, Europe, families, finance

Wealth and gender in Europe

Publication date: 03/2017
Authors: Eva Sierminska, Anastasia Girshina
Committente: European Commission - Directorate-General for Justice and Consumers

It is well known that both income and wealth are important determinants of house- holds’ economic well-being. Inequality in economic well-being of households as measured by income or earnings is very well documented, and di erences in income between women and men have received wide attention in the literature. House- holds’ well-being as measured by wealth, on the other hand, has not received as much attention and gender di erences in this respect even less. In order to begin to ll this gap, the goal of this report is, therefore, to document the living standards of households from the point of view of wealth accumulation and to identify the extent of these di erences between women and men.This report was nanced by, and prepared for the use of the European Commission, Directorate-General for Justice and Consumers, Unit D2 ‘Equality between men and women’, in the framework of a contract managed by Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini (FGB) in partnership with Istituto per la Ricerca Sociale (IRS).

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