Researchequal opportunities, Europe, labour

Assessment of the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund from a gender equality perspective

Publication date: 02/2016
Authors: Silvia Sansonetti
Committente: European Parliament’s Policy Department for Citizens’ Rights and Constitutional Affairs

The study was requested by the European Parliament’s Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality and commissioned, overseen and published by the Policy Department for Citizens’ Rights and Constitutional Affairs. This assessment aims at investigating gender differences in the number of beneficiaries across EGF interventions. By adopting the gender budgeting principles, the analysis conducted across all Member States and with a focus on seven Member States, shows that at least four are the intervening factors: a more frequent implementation of EGF in male-dominated sectors, which is in turn related to the gender differentiated impact of the crisis by sectors, the size of the firms involved in the interventions, the prevailing productive structure by sectors.

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