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The #MeToo social media effect

Publication date: 10/2019
Authors: Fabrizio Botti, Marcella Corsi, Julia Garraio, Zita Gurmai, Jeanne Ponté, Laeticia Thissien, Giulia Zacchia


This publication includes contributions from gender experts and activists providing a map of the complexities of sexual harassment in Europe with a focus on the #Metoo social media campaign on Twitter, as a tool to understand the changes achieved and still needed across Member States to eliminate sexism and sexual violence in Eu, highlighting the potentials for change (and risks) and illustrating the force of bottom-up movements in shaping the desired change. This collection is the result of a research project entitled “Minerva Project on Gender, Equality and Diversity” designed and implemented by the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS), in partnership with Fondazione Socialismo, with the support of the European Parliament and MetooEP.

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