Eva Sierminska

Economista presso il centro di ricerca Cesp/Instead in Lussemburgo, si interessa di lavoro, popolazione e economia demografica. Si occupa di distribuzione della ricchezza e del debito, flussi del mercato del lavoro e musuratori dell'ineguaglianza.

Research Economist at CEPS/INSTEAD Research Institute in Luxembourg. Her field of interest is labor, population and demographic economics. At the moment, her research is focused on wealth and income distribution, labor market flows and inequality measurement.



A wake-up call from the United States: with the pension system crysis, it becomes crucial to know how to manage our assets and make them bear fruit. And also, women are single in different stages of life and always longer: it is no more possible to leave the control of investments and savings to men.

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A main obstacle to the analysis of gender wealth gaps in the empirical literature is the lack of comprehensive information at the individual level. Using data from Germany, we find clear empirical indications of a significant raw gender wealth gap of about 30,000€, which amounts to almost 50,000€ for partners in married couples

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Michelle Obama endorses Hillary Clinton in a speech at the democratic national convention

For the first Women in Science Day GenPORT will release a series of video interviews with leading...