Gokben Demirbas

Gokben Demirbas after graduating at Marmara University in Istanbul, studying gender and planning issues at University of Bologna in Italy and being research assistant at Trakya University in Edirne is currently a PhD student in the University of Glasgow, doing research on gender and space relations and women's everyday life in urban neighbourhoods in Europe and Turkey

Articles published

If we want to understand the current particular conditions of Syrian refugees in Turkey and their plight, we need to look at it through the lens of the complex migratory history of the country

Articleinequality - labour - Migration - poverty - work

1st November 2015 “re-run” elections in Turkey and the role of gender in the process

Articleequal opportunities - feminism - institutions

Recent Turkish elections saw radical changes in parliament composition opening a new political season. Feminists and LGBT activists played a fundamental role in this renewal

Articleequal opportunities - feminism - institutions

The reactions to the discovery of Özgecan Aslan’s body, and President Erdogan's statements about gender-sensitive moral issues show how gender today is framed in Turkey. But what kind of gender trends has Turkey really witnessed in the last decade?

Articleequal opportunities - feminism - labour - violence