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The Change Academy Model is at the centre of the methodological framework of the GENOVATE project. It recognises that high education institutions are highly complex social systems: so complex, adaptive and flexible ways of thinking are required in order to create changes.

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A new portal is collecting resources about gender and science. The very first phase of the project was trying to answer two pivotal questions: is it really useful? And for whom? This is how they did it

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No longer locked in his ivory tower, scientific research has brand new features. It must be new also the criteria by which it evaluates the excellence. In order to enhance curiosity, dedication, flexibility, diplomacy, opening in comparison. That is, the skills and competencies typically female

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The EC’s “Women in ICT” report shows how having more women in ICT would pay off - for the economy, for the industry but most of all, for the women themselves

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There has been a great increase of women in science and engineering education in various parts of the world. But everywhere they continue to be under-rappresented in scientific professions and in senior positions. Some figures